Pupdate~Fox aka Onyx

“Hey Jennifer-

It has been nearly 3 weeks since we added Onyx (AKA Fox from the “oopsy” litter) to our family. She is spunky and full of hysterical puppy energy! She is often dragging around objects that are twice her size, trying new things, and she is convinced that there is a prize at the bottom of her water bowl because she paws at it until all of the water is out on the floor. She jumps using all four legs at the same time giving the impression that she is spring loaded!

Lucy, our cavapoo from the May 15, 2020 litter, has happily accepted Onyx and is being so patient with her! Onyx will often take a bully stick or a treat right out of Lucy’s mouth and Lucy will just move on and grab another stick or come ask for another treat.

We are so happy with our Pinewood Cavapoo pups! You do such a wonderful job of ensuring that these pups get a great start in life and it really shows!

Thank you for the sweet pups! ”


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