And then there was one

Well, it’s just little Rabbit now. All her littermates have gone to their forever homes. It’s taken a while, but we’re happy that all of these little Aussie-oops! have gotten great homes. Rabbit will be with us a few more days and then go home with her new family on Sunday.

In the meantime, she’s learning how to be the “only child”. And although she’s the only puppy here, she has lots of other dogs to keep her company, teach her and interact with.  Sometimes she’s in the kitchen/dining area with Reba, Hope and myself. Sometimes she’s exploring the backyard when her mom climbs the fence and joins her for a while. And sometimes she goes out front with me to “help” with chores and hang out with the big dogs. She’s also learning to sleep by herself (no littermates). Although she and Panther were already sleeping, each in their own puppy pen at night when Panther was still here. And Auntie Hope sleeps in the same room so she has company.

So we’ll enjoy a few more days with her and share about the day she goes home soon.

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