It’s quiet around here

We spent the weekend with family….. and then little Rabbit headed home with her new family yesterday.

Sharing lots of love with grandma

…….and then little Rabbit headed home with her new family yesterday.

Snuck in a little visit with my sis too <3

And that makes the last of the Aussiedoodles off to their new homes! I’m so thankful these darling little “oops” puppies all got good homes, even though it took a while to get them all matched.

And to make sure that never, ever happens again, Cody is going to the vet tomorrow to be “tutored” *wink, wink*

And now I’ve got just a couple days left before the weather gets crazy!

When I got home from Spokane yesterday, I headed to the garden to pick the rest of the veggies and start cleaning things out. Today, I’ve still got to get my garlic planted too.

Hubby got the apples picked. We usually wait until after the first frost but the crazy squirrels and chipmunks were knocking more off the trees each night!

Saving more flower seeds

Picking the last of the spoon tomatoes that came up voluntarily from last years plants. And found a few cucamelons hiding! They look like tiny watermelons but taste like cucumbers!

I’ve still got lots to do to preserve all this goodness. 🙌


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