Puppy Matching; a few more details

Even though this new system that we’ve been using over the past months (i.e., having those from our list that are interested and ready reach out to me ahead of time and matching all the puppies in one day) works much better than the old way, I thought I should share a few more details to make the day run even more smoothly and hopefully iron out some glitches that have come up in the process.

If you reach out to me and are interested in a particular litter/s that indicates you are readymeaning

  1. you are able to pick up your puppy in Spokane on that litter’s delivery day and have figured out the logistics of getting there (whether it be driving or flying or having to cross a neighboring country’s border),
  2. you are ready and available to receive a phone call from me on that litter’s puppy matching day, and you have been following the litter’s progress, know what puppies are in the litter (colors, genders) and
  3. have a favorite, or two, or three picked out ahead of time.

So how do you do that?

  • Please make sure you are signed up for email notifications from our blog/website so you don’t miss any news, announcements, post or new pictures of puppies. (Just hit the “FOLLOW” button (if you already haven’t) under the photo album on the right-hand side of the front page of the blog/website).
  • When each new litter is born here, a page is made for that litter on our website. On that page will be the litter’s birth date, the puppy matching day (when I will be calling to match puppies) and the delivery day (when I will personally meet you in Spokane and hand your your puppy!) All that information is there for you to help you plan ahead.
  • We also post a new picture of each puppy each week in the litter’s album (up until about three weeks of age that picture will be a group picture of the litter) so you can watch them grow and change and know what puppies are in each litter. Each puppy will have a name, gender and color description listed above their first individual picture (@ 2-3 weeks of age). Each subsequent picture is posted under the previous week’s for each puppy in the litter.
  • Blog posts are posted daily about what’s happening here so you can watch the litter or litters that you are interested in grow, play, learn and interact.
  • We will also share short videos on our YouTube channel so you can watch the pups in action leading up to puppy matching day. (“Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos) please “like” and subscribe).

Please watch the videos, read the blog posts and enjoy each new puppy picture that is posted. Make notes on which puppies you are interested in. If you have questions about any particular puppy or maybe you have a couple favorites please call the week ahead of puppy matching day so we can chat about the litter or your favorite puppies. Please chat with you significant other and your kids ahead of time so everyone is in agreement with the possible puppies you are interested in before I call. Remember your favorite may get picked by someone on the list ahead of you so have several picked out that may fit into your family.

If you have plans that day and think you may miss my call please let me know ahead of time so we can make other arrangements (one wise person let me know she had something scheduled that morning when I might be calling so she gave me her favorite puppy picks in the order she liked them and also her husband’s cell phone number so I could chat with him and we were able to get her matched with one of her two favorite puppies without talking with her). Please plan accordingly to help the process run more smoothly for everyone.

We always have more people on the list reach out then we have puppies in each litter so not everyone will get matched with a puppy each puppy matching day, of course. But please still reach out and be ready if you are seriously interested. You never know what will happen. Many times I’ve heard “I didn’t think you would get clear down the list to my name!”

Thank you for joining us in this journey and for helping us make the process run more smoothly and efficiently.