I mentioned in a previous post that we had some changes going on. Well, one big change is regarding our silly Mattie. It looks like Mattie has found a special, forever home (as long as she fits in the family)!

I’m super excited that she’ll be someone’s special pet. And she will be living with another Pinewood pup that this family previously adopted from us!

So last week Mattie had “spa day”. Yep, the little farm dog got a makeover. 😉

Her toenails got trimmed, coat brush and bathed and other unmentionables taken care of. Then it was time for her bath. And then air drying by the nice wood stove.

When she finally dried, it was haircut time.

The next day Mattie visited the vet to get her Rabies vaccination, a micro-chip and have her spay surgery done.
She will be staying with us a couple weeks to heal before the introduction to her new family. We’ll keep you posted on that too!

Oh, and could someone tell Mattie she just had major surgery and she needs to stay quiet? 😉


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