Cavaliers coming!

It’s been almost two years since we’ve had a litter of Cavalier pups, so I’m excited to announce that we have pups due within the next couple weeks! And more than one litter due….I think I just made a lot of work for myself. 😉 I planned on breeding two of the girls and hope at least one of them became pregnant. (You just never know, especially since one will be a first time mom). Well, wouldn’t you know, they both took! Then the other  Cavalier (that I wasn’t going to breed this time) decided to make a date for herself without my permission. And you guessed it. Yep, she’s pregnant too! *sigh* Murphy’s Law of dog breeding. So I won’t be getting a lot of sleep in the next month. But I’m excited to have little adorable puppies to play with again!

Within these three litters we could possibly get all four Cavalier colors. If you are at all interested please contact us ASAP to get on our waiting list to pick a puppy. The sooner you get on, the better chance you have of getting the puppy of your choice. (Deposit required). We do already have people on our waiting list 🙂

Pictures and information about the parents are listed on our Cavalier page.

Our first litter will be from our sweet, little Jules!

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