I think I just set a record!

Some people think raising dogs is all about adorable puppies; puppy love , puppy kisses and puppy cuddles. But let me give you some behind the scenes drama, that we that chose this life, go through.

Last night Jules decided it was the right time to deliver her pups. Dogs rarely decide to do dramatic things like deliver puppies in the daylight hours when their owners are already awake:P She decided late at night would be more appropriate to start. And then make sure her mom stayed up until around 2 am. (Actually, she popped the whole litter out fairly quickly).

We had done the X-ray and “knew” there were five pups, right? But alas, on checking her after the fifth pup I wasn’t sure. Was that another pup that had been hiding somewhere on the X-ray or was that her distended uterus I felt? Check. Recheck. Hmmm…What to do? Recheck her again. (She’s probably getting tired of me squeezing her gut. :P) The weekend is coming and if there’s another pup, it needs to come out. Better to be safe than sorry.

I get a hold of the vet and they want to know if I can get there by 11:00am. It’s a little after 10. There’s no possible way I can get there by 11. The quickest way to the vet is the ferry. I’m fifteen minutes from the ferry and the ferry runs from our side of the river every half hour (on the hour and the half). That means I have about ten minutes to get dressed, grab the crate with mom and pups and hit the road!

Fifteen minutes to the ferry, about fifteen minutes across the river, thirty minutes “over the hill” to the highway then another ten minutes to the vet. I made it there at about 11:15!

They quickly x-rayed Jules and determined (thankfully) that she is empty. Pay the fee, grab the crate and repeat the process home, arriving at home just past 12:30. I’m pretty sure I set a record!

Thankfully we got good news and it was a beautiful day for a drive.




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4 Responses to I think I just set a record!

  1. Sandy says:

    So glad to hear the delivery went well and that all is ok! details (when you have time, of course)??

  2. Toni says:

    At least the weather was great for a drive. AND everything turned out great! Glad you have some healthy pups 🙂

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