We wEnt tO The doCToR

HI! My NAMe is biNGley. MoM Said eye CoulD wRiTe tHis sinCe I’M the oLdesT.  😛 haHA THe dAy B-fore tHis one, moM puT ME aNd my bRotheRs and SISters N a BIG cRate And theN she puT us IN heR BIG, noIsey trucK. AnD then iT sTartEd to MoVE! It wEnt Down & up And bAck & FOrtH anD KePT movIng & mOviNg A looong TiMe. FINally it StoPPed. THen mOM let US out iN the BAck oF the TRuck 2 go PoTty in OuR liTter bOx. SoMe of Us mIsseD 🙁

theN moM caRRied oUR biG crate InSide. PooR mom. We R heaVy! EverYBody @ tHe doCTor’s OffIce was SOOOO niCe! TheY LOVe puPpiEs! (O, mOm sAid the doCTor is CaLlEd a “vET”.)

WE wenT inTO a ROom & the VEt & HEr helPer TOoK us Out 1 at A tiMe 2 Look at.


ShE lOOked eaCh 1 of US ovEr. (Eye DoNt lOok veRy ExCited hERe).


tHen ShE pOKeD uS! OucH! buT wE weRE aLL bRavE aNd noBODy cRiED!


and SHe lisTeNEd 2 oUR hEarTs go THumP, thUMP.

005 (2)

And SHE stICked sOMEthING in Our botTom! EwW…..SHe saId somEthIng abOUt R “temPeRaTURE”

ThEn she ANd moMmy (R PEoplE moM, nOT ouR dOG mom) fiLled ouT somE pAPerwoRK, cAuse me, And JAne and COLliNs GeT 2 go IN sOMeThing CAllEd an “AiRPlaNE” and We All gOt “REporT cARds” 🙂

Now, MOm sAYs we R reADy 2 go MeeT OUr nEW faMilIES!

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