A sweet surprise!

I often get emails inquiring about our puppies. Some I never hear back from after the initial contact, others go forward with our adoption process. Others, like “N”, contact us first by filling out our adoption form and telling us about themselves (which I love!)

When I received her adoption forms, I really enjoyed all the information she shared and was intrigued to find out she had her own cupcake business. How fun!

Well, “N” was serious about adopting a puppy from us, so she decided to send a deposit to secure a place on our waiting list for a future puppy. She was also planning on flying in to personally pick the pup up.

I sent her a teasing reply to one of her emails telling her there was only one more requirement to adopting a puppy. When she came she needed to bring me some of her cupcakes! 😉

A few days later I received an email letting me know the deposit was on it’s way.

What I got a couple days later was a sweet surprise!

This box showed up on my doorstep.



I’ll tell you what, this lady knows her business and how to deliver a wonderful (yummy) product!

Check out the box; stickers to keep it the right direction, with an insulated lining in the box.

I peaked inside to find this loveliness.


Each cupcake individually decorated, carefully packaged in the plastic container with little sticks to keep them from getting smashed down.

But not just one pack, there was another underneath!


Check these out. Each one is a work of art! And all different flavors and colors.



What made this surprise even more special is it arrived the day before Valentine’s, and the weekend my kids would all be home to share in the sweet treats!

They have more flavors then you can imagine. Check out this list.


The cupcakes are shipped frozen so they will arrive fresh to your door. Trust me, they were scrumptious!


I can’t go without putting a plug in for this business. If you’re looking for a gift idea, check out http://www.scratchcupcakery.com


I have to say, this was the most creative and delicious way a deposit has ever arrived at my house. 😉

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