For those interested in a Cavapoo puppy!

I wanted to post this update in case anyone is seriously interested in adopting one of our Cavapoo puppies, but wasn’t sure of the process. Or for anyone that might be still in the “thinking about it” category. Please visit this page to find out what you need to do to be added to our waiting list.

There are two important steps required: (plus much more information on the link)

  1. Fill out part 1 & 2 of our Adoption forms (completely) The more information you share the better, so I can match you with the best puppy for your situation.
  2. Send a $200 deposit. (We accept PayPal or you may mail a check. But I need to know when your check is in the mail).

Sometimes I receive adoptions forms from people with no deposit or they want to “send one later.” You are not on my waiting list if I don’t have your deposit (or know it’s on the way).

So if you are one of those people who has filled out the adoption forms and not sent a deposit, but want to be added to our list, please contact me soon. Or you’ve been thinking about getting a puppy but thought you’d wait a while to contact us, don’t wait any longer.

Our pup are spoken for months in advance and our waiting list is filling up fast!

Thank you for considering a Pinewood Pup! And thank you to our previous adopters.

Some of our past pups 🙂

Coco enjoying break Oct 4 2011 girls ???????????????????????????? 059

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4 Responses to For those interested in a Cavapoo puppy!

  1. Megan Linklater says:

    Hello, Our family iso searching for a male, apricot or ruby colored cavapoo. We would like to give him to our daughters for Christmas. Will you have any available?

    Thank you

    • Hi Megan,
      We won’t have any puppies ready at Christmas. Our oldest litter will be ready in January. But they will be matched with those on our waiting list. If you’re interested in getting on our waiting list please check out our page on “Getting a puppy”. Thank! So sorry we don’t have anything available.

  2. Danielle Carter says:

    Hello! I filled out my application, but I am confused. Is there an application fee and if so how much and how do I get it to you? And I’m seeing that there are two different prices for deposits; $200 is listed on one page and $500 is listed on the puppy adoption process page.

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