Interactive toys

I love interactive dog toys! They give the dogs something to do when I’m not around. And, if they figure it out, the toy automatically rewards them for their work. These are especially good for puppies and dogs that might need to be home alone part of the day while their owners are away at work.

Kong toys are one I recommend. (These are on my “Getting Ready for Puppy” pages)


These are made for puppies (I would only use the giraffe when I’m around), but I also have them in bigger sizes and stronger material for adult dogs.

This *Buster Cube is great also. It can be filled with food or treats which fall into different areas inside the cube. As the cube is rolled around, food falls out rewarding the dog.


These guys are all working on one of the bigger Kong toys filled will food.


I love to watch them work on the toy with their paw or nose trying to get the treat out.


The others come to “help” 😉





Happy, busy dogs. 🙂

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