Cavapoo waiting list-UPDATE!

I just thought I’d give an update on our Cavapoo waiting list.

  1. Emily-matched with Frappy!
  2. Margaret-matched with Jenny! (and delivered!)
  3. Joni-matched with Mac!
  4. Natalie-matched with Armani!
  5. Natalie-matched with Chanel!
  6. Hank & Peg-matched with Latte!
  7. James-matched with Forrest! (and delivered!)
  8. Michelle-matched with Cappy!
  9. Hank & Peg-matched with Mocha!
  10. Nancy-matched with Bubba! (and delivered!)
  11. Laura-matched with Expresso!
  12. Joy-passed on current litters
  13. Sarah-matched with Dior!

Since one person passed on these litters, little Vera Wang is available. See our “Available Cavapoos” page for more information.


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