It’s hot!

We are having our August weather in June! It’s pretty warm today. Ok, I’m sure some of you wouldn’t think it’s hot here, but we only have a week or two of 100 degree-ish weather here and the rest is manageable. Since we don’t have that many hot days, we don’t have air conditioning. So it’s open the windows at night, shut them during the day and keep the fans going! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer time. There’s just some days that make me melt.

I felt sorry for the dogs outside today so I went and sprayed them down. I’d show you pictures, but now they look like “mud puppies” 😉 You see “their” yard has a mixture of gravel, “grass” aka weeds and dirt, mostly. It’s hard to make it stay nice when they run, play and dig, and dig, and dig. (You get the picture 😉 ). And we don’t have a well that pumps out enough water to water lawn.

So after spraying them down, I filled a big tub with water in case they want to go wading or play in it.


Next trip to Wally World I’m getting a kiddie pool. 😀

This is how Ben stays cool. Not sure if my last Bleeding Heart will survive though.


Stay cool everyone!

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