Look what I found!

Some people get excited about shopping for shoes, purses or new clothes. I get excited when I find new toys for my dogs/puppies (or bird, etc)  Ya, I know I’m weird. 😛

So a couple days ago I went in to town to do my regular shopping and found some interesting new toys for the puppies! Check these out.


There are a couple cat toys (a crinkly sounding small tunnel and a cube with holes in it). The blue chicken is rubbery feeling and makes a weird noise (kind of sounds like a chicken if someone stepped on it  😛  ). The gray puppy has an empty plastic water bottle in it. So it makes a crinkly, crunchy noise. Twinkle the star really does play; “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. The giant purple bone is super soft and has a squeaky inside. The Sumo reminds me of a baby Kong toy and the pacifier is soft and small enough for the babies to carry around. Plus it squeaks! And the snake, well it’s just long, skinny and soft; perfect for little mouths to carry around.




Here are the cube and tunnel opened up. I already have a big tunnel, but this will be fun to introduce the pups to since it’s even smaller. And it’s made of some material that makes a crinkly, crunchy sound when you touch it.

Introducing these toys (and other things) to the pups at a young age is just all part of the socialization and early training to we try to do here with our babies.

Well, I have to go play with puppies now! 😀

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