Confinement area revisited

I’ve talked about giving your puppy a containment, confinement or safe area. It’s just a great idea when you have a new puppy at home. You can’t always have your eye on that little stinker, so you need a place to safely leave them.

Raising Roxy and Oakley, I’ve learned that sometimes I give them a bit too much lee-way and I have to take a step backwards.

I started out with six Iris panels. It gave them enough room for a crate, litter box and a bit of space to stretch the legs. But not so much room that they’d miss the litter box.

They have potty/play breaks outside and time free in the house too.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen area of the house and the living room is not quite in sight of that room. So when I started finding little “deposits” and puddles in there, I had to tighten the reins again. See I make mistakes too!



So the pieces of the Iris pen were used to block off the living room. That made the puppy’s free area just in the kitchen/dining area so I could better keep an eye on them while I worked. Score!

086 087

And they’re confinement area has been enlarged since they are more trustworthy with the litter box.

089 091

The placement of my confinement area makes it easily accessible for potty breaks too!

092 094

I’ve since had to move the wire crate out of their area though. They both learned how to get on top. And Roxy when over the Iris pen also! And this is the tall Iris pen.

Ahh…the training continues 😉

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