Progressive Puppy

Well, it’s about time for Roxy to go to her forever family. As some of you may know, Roxy is in our Progressive Puppy Program. And for those who don’t know what that is; our Progressive Puppy Program is where a puppy stays with us a bit longer (there are a couple different levels) to continue it’s training, vaccinations, etc. before going to it’s forever home. Roxy is considered a “Premium” pup since she has stayed on to complete all of her puppy vaccinations. We also continued to work on potty and litter box training, crate training, socializing and leash training. Roxy has even been started on some basic obedience even though that is not necessarily part of the program. She’s been a great little student, although like any puppy, she has her moments where she frustrates her humans. 😉 She’s been on short car rides and long car rides, she’s met people of different ages and sizes, dogs big and little, goats, cats, chickens and horses and a crazy parrot. She’s visited different stores and the post office. And has taken it all in stride. She is still a puppy and far from completely trained, but we’ve given her family a good head start!


So yesterday was her last vet visit before she heads home.


You can tell how upset she is about the car ride. 😉  Sleeping as we ride the ferry across the river.


“But mom, I don’t have to go potty.”

Our puppies are started on litter box training when they are around 3 1/2 weeks of age. We continue to use them as necessary throughout the training phase too. You can see the litter box behind Roxy in the bed of my truck. Since puppies are not fully protected from deadly viruses until a week after their last vaccination (which should be give at 16 weeks of age) we use it when we are away from home also. That way puppy doesn’t have to potty on the ground and risk being exposed to deadly germs.

Before heading to the vet for her appointment Roxy (who thinks she’s a little farm dog, and was starting to look like one) got a bath, brush, toenail trim and I even gave her face and feet a little puppy trim. I think she looks pretty cute!


Inside the receptionist weighed her for me since I’m allergic to scales. (hehehe)  Roxy is a whooping 5.6 lbs! I think Roxy is going to be on the smaller end of our Cavapoos; maybe 12-14 lbs as an adult.

Then it was time to see Dr. Jesse. She is so nice and always does a thorough job with the puppies’ exam.


Checking the ‘ol ticker here. Roxy must have been wiggling since she’s a bit blurry and the Dr. isn’t. 🙂

Then a peek in both ears.



She looked Roxy over really well; skin, coat, mouth, etc. Then it was time for her rabies vaccination and micro-chip. I didn’t get any pictures of that as I was too busy feeding Roxy cookies to distract her from the “pokes”.

Everything checked out normal and Roxy was issued her health certificate to fly home with her new mom.


I still say this is a baby Wookie, not a Cavapoo.  😉 Love that face!

Gotta have a selfie before she leaves.


Pay our bill, gather our paperwork then it was out to try the litter box one more time before hitting the road.


Good girl!


This what a black dog in a black crate on a black seat looks like getting a drink.  😉

Time to hit the road!

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