Doggie Home Improvements

I mentioned a while ago, that my husband finally had some time for my  “honey-do” list which consists mostly of doggie home improvements. We headed off  a week or so ago for supplies and he started on the first and most important project; a fence for the backyard!

We have two nice “dog” yards, but they’re not attached to the house. So it makes a lot of work for me when I have a new dog or puppies to potty train or someone I don’t trust off leash. I either have to carry them or leash them to transport them to a yard or out to the garden (which has been my big puppy play area), or I use a couple exercise pens set up outside the back door.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal. But trust me, having the back yard fenced in is such a blessing and relief!

So we started off with some wire and post; nothing fancy. We’re going with practical and sturdy here.

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Here’s the exercise pens I have set up out the back door that I’ve been using.


You can see the other dog yards in the distance.


Fence line going in. There will be a gate here at the corner of the garage.


The supervising crew. (When Roxy was still here.)


I think we should call ourselves “Redneck Fencing” 😉  We were using yard tools to hold the fence wire up before tightening and stapling it.


While I was down on the end holding up the wire next to the current dog yard, I had visitors at my corner. Aren’t they cute?!


After a couple of days, he had it done (except for the gates which we’ll put in later). At least it was all closed in and usable!

It comes off the corner of the house by the dining room door…


And heads back to the horse fence that runs at the top of the hill (our property goes down over the edge).


Then it connects with the other dog yard in the back corner.


And finally there’s a new stretch from the dog’s yard over to the corner of the garage.


My poor husband has heard about this project for years. I don’t know what finally made him consent to it, but I am so grateful to finally have it done. It’s so nice to just open the back door to let dog’s out and know they are safely contained, can go visit their friends over in the other yards and have tons of room to run!

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