Highs and lows

Raising dogs has its highs and lows. Thankfully, there are usually more highs than lows. But we’re dealing with living, breathing creatures and you never know what’s around the next corner.

A couple weeks ago someone posted on a dog group I’m in about a pregnancy test for dogs. I had heard there weren’t any that really worked, so had never investigated further. But this thread had several comments, and one stood out in particular. A lady said she had been using this particular brand with much success for ten years! I immediately messaged her for more information and to ask her some questions. She was really helpful and encouraging.

Soon after I ordered a kit (which holds five tests). It’s not super cheap, but should give us sure results about 35 days after a female is bred. We usually check our girls between 28-35 post breeding by palpating the abdomen. That usually gives us an idea if they’re pregnant, but it’s not a sure thing. So then we just wait for the tell-tale signs if she is or isn’t. So having this test around is going to be a big help in knowing if we have puppies coming soon or not!


The tests came, then the waiting began for the first girl to be ready to test.

Finally the day came. Getting everything ready.



Thankfully, the “patient” was very good and sat still while the sample was drawn.


Unfortunately, the results were not what I expected. 🙁

There should be a line under the 2 if it was positive. And I thought she was.

Well, like I said, there are highs and lows in this adventure. Thankful we now have a sure way to check for pregnancies, but wishing we had gotten different test results.

Well, not to despair. There are a couple more girls to check in a week or so.

And so the adventure continues..

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