I wish I had certain news….

…..but I’m still waiting like all of you.

I’m sorry there has been no pregnancy “news” updates. I’ve been waiting and wondering myself. Trying to decide what to report or if I had anything certain to report.

Like I mentioned before; I had bred more than one girl. In fact, I bred three right close together. I know, call me crazy! But when you’re working with dogs you just never know. Murpy’s Law says they would all get pregnant if you didn’t have any homes lined up for them and if you did, none of them would! 😛 I hope that’s not the case.

I used my new “for sure” pregnancy test on the first two. They both showed negative. At $30 a pop and feeling a bit discouraged, I decided not to test the third one. I had palpated her and didn’t feel anything for sure. Plus she wasn’t showing any signs, so I just thought I’d skip it.

Well, maybe a week ago, the first girl I tested starting feeling a bit saggy. What I’m trying to say is she has (*whispers discreetly) dog boobs. And she’s filling out a bit. I don’t want to get too excited. Maybe it’s a false pregnancy (yes, dog’s go through those sometimes), or maybe she’s just bulking up for winter. Anyways, I’m hopeful, but time will tell for sure.

I haven’t noticed any changes in the second girl. Although she’s young and it would be her first litter. So if we see any changes, it will not be as easy to notice. (I hope the test is wrong!)

And number three…A friend was over the other day. We were outside visiting and said dog was lounging around and I thought her tummy looked a bit “poochy”. So did my friend. So I keep feeling and trying to decide if she’s getting a bit round and (excuse the details) her nipples are firming up. (I know TMI….*to much information; for some) 😉

So you see, I don’t have any specific news still, but thought you all deserved some type of update. We’re all still at the “wait and see” point. But I’m am a bit more hopeful than I was a couple weeks ago. Time will tell.

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  1. Jamachia says:

    Thanks for the update and keeping us in the loop. The waiting game is easier when you include others and let us wonder alongside you 🙂 I guess l’ll cross my fingers for doggy boobs, sagginess, and firm nipples? (haha!). Maybe this week’s full moon will bring a dog’s full belly….

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