Two dogs walk into a house…

…and they’re both pregnant.

Still looking for the punch line? That was it! hehe

Yep, we’ve got two girls here that are definitely in the “family way”.

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Now the real waiting and watching begins!

Jules (the Cavalier) was bred before Reba (the Poodle) so technically she is due first.

Girls are usually bred two to three times during their three week heat cycle (usually every two to three days during their standing heat (when they’ll accept a male).)

Now, the average gestation for dogs is 63 days, BUT from 58-71 days is still considered within the normal range! So as you can see we can have quite a waiting and watching period.

From those numbers Jules could be due anytime between October 31st-November 17th. And Reba’s “normal” range could be anywhere between November 6th-25th! Thankfully, I’ve never had a dog go clear until day 71…whew! I would say mine hit usually between the 58-61 day range.

Thankfully, we have temperatures to help us during this time. (If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about. Check out another blog post I did regarding this.

Stay tuned!

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