We have cows!

Little did I know when I posted that last blog two days ago how soon things would start happening around here!

Later that day, Jules gave me signs that things were going to happen; and soon.

I was excited to see what she would have as she and Eli had never had “kids” together before. Jules is ruby, but her dad was blenheim so I knew there was the possibility of her having parti (or spotted) puppies. Eli is parti; white with a bit of grey patches. His dad was parti (chocolate and white), so I was hoping she might have some blenheim/parti pups.

But she surprised me and we got cows! Seriously they look like little Holsteins. These are the flashiest puppies we’ve ever had before. And I’m in love! <3

Here is the proud mom right after delivery.


Yep, two “cow”-boys. So you know I have to do this. I’m going to name them Cowboy and Wrangler. 😉 hehe

Aren’t they gorgeous?!


This will be Cowboy. He’s got a cute little beauty mark. If he’d been a girl, I would have had to call him Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford.


And this will be Wrangler. I can’t wait to see him grown up with that all white muzzle.


Jules has tons of milk, so these guys have been gaining weight since birth. They’re going to be little butterballs!

We have horses, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, and goats on our farm. But this is the first time we’ve had cows! I’m excited! Can you tell?

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