Fort Knox

“It’s starting to look like Fort Knox around here” my son commented the other evening. True, since my husband had reinforced some of the dog fence and put up a porch light on the dog house, it was starting to look like Pinewood Penitentiary. 😛

But sometimes you have to take drastic measures to keep the “kids” safe. Sometimes it’s from each other and sometimes from outside sources.

Thankfully, since Ben came to live with us, we’ve seen no more coyotes close to the house. And in order to keep the dogs from escaping their safe yard and wandering into the horse pen or out in the woods, we did some reinforcing along the fence line.


Digging down a bit and laying chain link along the fence line so the creative ones can’t escape was the first step.


Under those dancing toes are cement pavers that I placed under the dirt in front of the (future) gate. (This is the temporary gate). Now they can’t dig under the gate!


And now there’s a double fence between the two main dog yards to prevent fence fighting. Kids! I don’t know why they can’t get along!


Ta-dah! A couple days later my new gate was done! It is so nice! No more bending the wire and attaching three snaps to keep it shut. (And Treasure was still able to escape with three snaps!) Now she is safely enclosed. And of course the first thing she’d do when she would escape was to run straight for the horse pen. I’m surprised she never got stepped on.


And then I got my porch light! This makes it so much easier to check on the kids at night and do chores, especially since the time change when it gets dark at zero dark thirty!

Don’t worry, we won’t be adding any razor wire to the top anytime soon. 😉


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