I wish..

I wish I had a machine; a puppy machine. I could just sit down with my waiting list and punch in the particulars. Let’s see: Sally wants a small, red female. Lee wants a larger, apricot male, Fred wants a black and tan female, etc.  I could punch in various codes and get exactly what everyone wanted..

But in reality, I work with living, breathing creatures. Each with a different genetic makeup. I can match male to female and hope for certain colors. I can “wish” for a certain amount of males and a certain amount of females. But in the end, I have no control. I get what I get.

And I love each one, no matter what their color or gender happens to be. <3

So when Reba presented me with three boys (yes, you read that correct) and each one a dark color, I knew some of you would be disappointed. And I don’t blame you. When you’re looking for a certain color and are hoping for a girl, this isn’t the most exciting post to read.

But I know some people will be thrilled with what we have available (between Jules’ and Reba’s litters). I’m just sorry, some people will have to wait a bit longer for their special puppy. I think the wait is worth it though.


Here are the little darlings; two black (with a smidge of white on the chest) and one black and tan.

And for those waiting for lighter colors; I’m hoping by December or January we’ll know if there are some of those on the way. 🙂



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  1. edel says:

    I would love to adopt one of your puppies:)

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