My circus, my monkeys

Have you all seen that meme floating around, “Not my circus, not my monkeys” ? Well, there’s also another one. “That awkward moment when you realize-this IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys”. Yep, that’s how I feel right about now. 😉

It’s a bit crazy around here. There are mama dogs with various aged litters, plus a six month old and an eight week old. I’m constantly cleaning puppy pens and litter boxes, and (oops!) occasionally little accidents on the floor. Then moms need to got outside to potty or have a break from the kids (depending on the litter age), the six month old and the eight week old need to go outside (again), now they need a nap (crate time). But eight week old is still learning about the crate, so he’s going to complain (vocally) about that. 😛  Food and water dishes need to be cleaned and filled (again). Now it’s time to set up all the puppy “agility” equipment and block off the kitchen and turn the puppies loose (again).

Oh, wait, they’re doing something cute! Where’s my camera? Quick, take some photos and videos. (Don’t forget to upload those later and maybe write another blog post) again.

Ahh…. look at them now. I need to sit (or lie) on the floor and play with them and love them some more.

Uh-oh, another pile of dirty dog beds/towels! Time to wash another load (again).

Is that puppy pudding all gone?  Let’s see do I have everything to make another batch; one large box of pudding (check), eight egg yolks (check), half gallon of milk (check), sugar (check)….

Then there’s the rest of my circus that needs tending; the horses, other dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and that crazy parrot that’s like a demanding two year old (but much louder!)

Oh, wait! I have three large male humans here too and they always seem to be hungry. Time to fix some food and wash dishes (again). And the house; how does the house get dirty again so fast?

Is it really five days before Christmas?! No! I still have Christmas cookies and candy to make, presents to get ready, packages to mail…..

Not complaining here, just sharing the craziness that is my life at the moment.

Because this is my circus and these are my monkeys. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉



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