Anybody want to guess

Yep, Faith who eloped with Dickens (without my permission!) and who I wasn’t even sure was pregnant; delivered!

And does anybody want to guess what she had? Come on, just one guess. I’m sure you’ll all get it right 😛

I was hoping for a beautiful ruby female that I could keep. But no, she had one puppy and it was a boy,  a black and tan boy! Boys seem to be my lot in life. I grew up with one brother, married a boy creature and then produced three of those things! Don’t get me wrong. I love boys! 😀 But come on, every single puppy in the last three litters we’ve had here have been boys!!!

Thankfully, this one is a handsome little dude. <3

Now, do you want to know what I named him? Anybody want to guess?

Han Solo.

I couldn’t name him anything else, right?

I’m not a sci-fi fan, but I did watch the first Star Wars movie 50 million years ago when it first came out. And George Lucas and I did grow up in the same town. Um, let me just say he grew up way before I did. 😉

So the name just seemed like the right one for our little singleton pup.

Here he is…….Han Solo. I hope he grows up to be as handsome as his namesake 😉


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  1. Brea says:

    He is so preciously handsome already! Great name, I love Star Wars. Maybe the next litters will be all girls 😊

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