Well, our new little, red Poodle guy got in to the vet on Friday for his check up. And got the all clear from the vet to join the pack!

He’s a lot happier now. He’s settling in, doing better at his crate time, learning to go outside to make yellow snow 😛 and becoming fast friends with Oakley.

So I really wanted to come up with a “red” name for him. My other male Poodle was apricot and this is the first red I’ve had. He’s a gorgeous dark red too (sometimes really hard to tell in a photo).

I’ve always like the name Clancy (after the character in The Man From Snowy River~”Clancy’s not just a horseman…”)

So I looked up Clancy and it means “red warrior”.


He looks more like a lover than a warrior. But I think we’re going to run with it anyways. 😉

So here he is; Pinewood’s Red Warrior aka Clancy. <3

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