Last minute Christmas gift?

Well, it looks like everyone on our waiting list have either passed or not responded to being matched with one of our remaining available puppies. So do you know what that means? For those who have wanted a Pinewood puppy but didn’t feel like waiting or you’re one of those last minute Christmas shoppers 😉 we like to offer for your consideration one of our adorable boys!

I don’t recommend a puppy as a Christmas gift (see my blog post And these puppies won’t be ready to go home until sometime in January. But if you’d like to give one of these boys as a Christmas gift to that special someone (or yourself!), I’d be happy to email you a picture of your puppy. You can print that picture off, put it in a cute frame and wrap that up as your Christmas gift!

Here they are! You can find the puppies parental information on their respective litter pages under our Cavapoo heading.

UPDATE: Santa has snatched up all these cuties and matched them with their forever families!


“Wrangler” (SOLD) from (Jules & Eli’s litter) Ready to go home around January 10th. Wrangler is a beautiful black and white guy with an outgoing, playful personality. He loves to give kisses too!


“Aramis” (SOLD) (from Reba & Noah’s litter) ready to go home around January 24th. Aramis is a handsome jet black puppy with just a few white hairs on his chest. He is very sweetheart and on the mellow side.


“Porthos” (SOLD) (Aramis’ litter mate) also ready to go home around January 25th. Porthos is a beautiful black and tan boy who is active and playful.

If you are interested in any of these guys, please contact us soon by filling out our Puppy Adoption forms! I’m sure these guys will go fast!


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5 Responses to Last minute Christmas gift?

  1. jamachiaj says:

    Christmas miracle, for sure. Your pups are the greatest.

  2. Shawna says:

    I’m interested in Aramis. I’ll fill out the form. A question though… I’m in Toronto… is that an issue?


    • Not if you’re ok with flying here to get him. 🙂 The usda won’t allow us to fly puppies “sight unseen” to their new owners anymore. So my puppy adopters have been driving (when they’re local) or flying into Spokane International airport and meeting me there to pick up their pups.

  3. jamachiaj says:

    I’m so happy they’ve all been matched – yay!!

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