A weird announcement

Hmm….where do I start?

I have some news to share that I’ve been keeping quiet about. After an explanation you’ll understand why.

You guys all know about Murphy’s Law, right? Well, there’s been times that I’ve said this should be call Murphy Law Kennels instead of Pinewood. 😉

Take for instance the silly, six month old Poodle, “Sundae”. I have two separate dog yards for the “kids” to play in. And usually the boys go out in one and the girls in another. When Sundae was younger though, I let him run with the girls. I didn’t want the macho men to think there was a  new young punk in town trying to take their places and pick on him. So he ran and played with the girls.

Then my sweet Allie came in season. Allie, that gorgeous cream Poodle that makes lovely apricot and red Cavapoos with Dickens. Do I need to go into detail or can you guess what happened? Who would have known that a silly, immature boy puppy could figure out what to do with his boy junk?! Murphy’s Law says that if he’d been two years old and I had planned to breed him to say Jules, he wouldn’t have figured it out! 😛

So know I have this beautiful cream poodle who got “married” to a handsome cream parti Poodle and a hunky blenheim Cavalier.

Please don’t think of me as an irresponsible breeder either. When you have animals, no matter how careful or how “in control” you think you are; things happen.

So two months later (on December 18th) Allie delivered five gorgeous puppies! Three girls and two boys, all beautiful reddish-apricot.

So why has there been no announcement you ask? Well, I’m really hoping with all my heart these are Cavapoos. Time will tell if they get real curly Poodle hair or stay Cavapoo looking. But the only sure way to know if Sundae or Dickens is the father, therefore to know if we have Poodles, Cavapoos or both (Yes, you can have a duel-sired litter!) is to do DNA testing on the litter. *sigh

So my plan was to do testing so I’d know for sure what kind of announcement to make! I didn’t want to tell you all we “might” have Cavpoos and get everyone’s hopes up and then find out they were Poodles.

But after ordering the DNA tests (which will take a week or so to get here) and then six weeks to process, I thought I’d better give everyone a heads up, just in case. If I had waited for the test results, the pups would be just about  ready to go home when the announcement came out. And that wouldn’t give anybody much time to get ready for their new pup.

So here is my weird “pre”announcement.

We might have Cavapoo puppies available soon! Or we might have Poodle puppies available soon! Or we might have Cavapoo and Poodle puppies available soon!

At least you can call me a “transparent” breeder. I might make mistakes, but I share them with the whole world too! 😉



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5 Responses to A weird announcement

  1. Mary says:

    Happy New Year to you also! We had that happen with our schnauzer when we lived in Cleveland. 2 daddies and none could be registered. $250.00 to 25.00 in one day!

  2. Kerry Andrews says:

    I love your honesty! That is a true loving breeder! Happy New Year!

  3. jamachiaj says:

    No. Fa-reaking. Way. What a secret you were keeping! Exciting news to begin 2016 with!

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