Musical dogs

Yesterday was a busy day! It was time to do some moving again. It’s funny how fast these pups grow and need more space. And when they get seven, eight plus weeks old, I need a little space. 😉  At that age, they are noisier and stinkier. Sitting on the couch relaxing for the evening is not pleasant when right behind you someone is frequently making deposits in the litter box. Pee-yew!

So first the puppy room (aka the workout room) had to be rearranged (it doesn’t help that #2 son who is transitioning to a new job and home still has furniture up there too). Thankfully, my husband was a willing helper. Then out came the biggest puppy pen which we set up in the puppy room for the the oldest, most rambunctious two.

Next we hauled the cow-boys puppy pen upstairs from the dining room to the puppy room. It will be set up for the three Musketeers. I put the pens right next to each other so the boys could visit. 😉


Checking out their new “rooms”.


The puppy room is located over our garage, which is accessed by stairs from the laundry room that is off my kitchen. So the pups can still easily come down for playtime and I can check on them frequently and scoop out litter boxes as needed. But it gives the family a little break from the noise and stink since they’re not in the center of the living area.

Now there was room to put Oakley and Clancey’s crates in the corner where the small puppy pen had been. Notice the open doors? Yep, crate trained dogs like to go in their crates and nap on their own. 😀


After that, I moved Allie and her crew from her big crate into the other puppy play pen. I usually wait until they’re a bit older to do this, but with that size of litter, she was needing more room.


Checking the kids over. 😉

And lastly, Faith and Solo  got moved into a bigger “apartment”.

When the cow-boys go home (soon, but that’s another blog post), then the three Musketeers will get the bigger puppy play pen and Faith and Solo will be moved into the other small puppy pen.

Always moving and transitioning around here, kind of like playing “musical dogs”.


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