Round ’em up

Yesterday was time to round up the cow-boys and take them to the vet for their check-up before they head home tomorrow! We had already roped them into their first shot, dosed them with de-wormer and had the vet check a stool sample (negative).

Since they were small enough I didn’t have to run them into the cattle trailer, but did corral them into a crate for the long drive.



They are so stinkin’ cute! (And I do mean “stinkin'” at times)  😉




“Please, please let me kiss the doctor!”


Dr Jessie had a hard time examining Wrangler. He’s such a wiggle worm and loves to give kisses <3

But she was able to get the job done and issue his brand inspection papers (aka health certificate).


The girls at the vet love when the puppies come to visit!


Now this cow-boy was just chilling after a hard day on the range.


Eileaha distracts Cowboy with some grub, while Dr Jessie does the branding (micro-chip). He didn’t even make a peep or moo!


Then there was one more trip out back to the corral to relieve the bladders before we hit the road. (Yep, I put a litter box in the trunk of the car.) They were such good little cow-boys!








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