Wrangler update

I’m sure you all enjoy seeing updates of puppies that you have watched grow up here and leave for their new homes almost as much as I do. So when I got this most recent update from Wrangler (now known as Scout)’s mom, I knew I had to share it! 🙂

“Here’s another update! Scout is doing so well 🙂 he hasn’t had an accident in the house for 2 days and poops outside now! He wants to be a big boy and doesnt like using the litter box at night because he whines when he does. He’ll sleep for almost 12 hours at night with a few potty breaks thrown in. We’re still working on him being comfortable in his safe area while we’re at home, but he’s getting much less whiny. He loves the toy you sent home with me! He has learned how to “sit” and lay down. Here’s a picture of him from his bath today. I’m amazed at how fast he’s learning. Thank you for such a wonderful pup :)”


Goodness! I love this picture she sent <3

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