What goes home with puppy

I’ve had a few questions lately from those that will be adding a puppy to their family soon. So I thought this would be a good time to let everyone know what goes home with your new puppy. Thanks to those with questions. It helps me help others. 😀

First off, your puppy will have a bath and toenail trim right before they go home with you. (Either the night before or the morning of; depending on the day/time and how early I have to leave my house). Now, that being said, I cannot guarantee puppy won’t need another one when you get him or her home. Sometimes puppies get carsick. 😛   In fact that very thing happened when I delivered our last two boys (Cowboy and Wrangler). They were so fluffy and white, clean and nice smelling when I left the house. But by the time we arrived in Spokane someone had gotten carsick. We’re not just talking drooling kind of carsick, but let’s lose our breakfast carsick. Poor baby. So the clean, white, sweet smelling puppies “weren’t” anymore. Baby wipes help, but another bath when puppy gets all the way home was in store.

But I’m getting off track…..

Puppy will go home with some things to help the transition, which includes:

  • A folder with all the puppies paperwork. There will be a little “booklet” of puppy information (to hopefully answer some questions and get you on the right track with puppy once you’re home.)
  • The health record which has information and dates of exams, stool sample check, de-wormings and vaccination, etc. I will also pencil in the next dates when puppy is due for further vaccinations. It has the puppy’s birth date and description on the front cover as well.
  • Puppy Health Check sheet from our veterinarian. This is a paper that is filled out at the time of puppy’s exam with the vet’s findings.
  • Informational brochure and sample of NuVet supplement.
  • A color picture of your puppy’s parents with their sizes.

Besides the folder of paperwork, I will include:

  • A small sample bag of the puppy food that puppy has been eating (Costco/Kirkland puppy food).
  • A toy or two. (If you’re flying in and meeting me, I like to throw in a bully stick. These are usually pretty enticing for puppy and hopefully will keep puppy occupied in flight. And an extra potty pad.)
  • A homemade baby blanket so puppy has something familiar smelling to sleep with. These are not huge blankets, but more of a small cuddle blanket.

There you go! I hope that is helpful.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some baby blankets. <3029


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