Check up time

Friday was the Three Musketeers vet appointment. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had some other places to stop at besides the vet appointment. And these guys were little troopers! They rode around with me for half a day making quite a few different stops. There was hardly a peep out of them and nobody got carsick! Of course we took time for potty breaks (in the bed of the truck) and time to eat and drink along the way.


Potty time!


“Mom, can you tell him to get out of the box so I have room to pee?”


Time for a drink.


Stretching their legs in the truck “playground”.


On the exam table waiting for the vet. This is what happens when you put black puppies in a dark blue crate. Can you see the noses?


“Mom, do you have to take my picture while she’s taking my temperature?!” says Athos


Athos says, “Dr. is listening to my heart. And I held still for her.”


Now it’s Porthos’ turn!


“Mom, why is that lady holding me still? Mom, why is the doctor looking in my ears? Ok, I’ll be good anyways.”


Aramis thought she needed some kisses <3


Getting a cuddle while our heart is checked.


“I’m trying to hold still, but this thing is cold.”


“Mom, those cookies tasted real good, until I got that quick, sharp pain in my back. What happened?”

Like I said, these guys were troopers with their vet visit and just driving around in the truck with me doing errands. A good day.


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