Crazy, busy day

It’s a crazy, busy day here at Pinewood Zoo. Um, I mean our house. 😉

I try to do weekly puppy pictures on each puppies’ “birth”day each week. And I’m behind for the Three Musketeers and our Solo man this week. Today is Allie’s pups’ “birth”day. So I had some catching up to do today. Plus it was time to weigh and de-worm Faith and Allie’s pups again.

And then after taking puppies pictures I have to go through them all, pick out the best one for each puppy, upload them and update the albums on Facebook and the website.

And then there’s the blog posts to keep everybody up to par on what’s happening. (Nothing like writing two on a Friday!)

Aramis (now Scruffles) is flying home next week to my son, so booking his flight is on my “To Do” list today also!

Then there are the daily chores of emails to answer, applications to print off and file, puppy pens and litter boxes to clean and off course puppy play time! (Why can’t it just be that part?!) 😀

And on top of all the dog duties, I’m trying to get my house cleaned up and food cooked for tomorrow. You might have noticed on my webpage that I ask for no calls between sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night. You see we are Sabbath keepers. We believe God set aside Saturday as His rest day for us to spend time with Him and step away from the regular work week. So we like to get all unnecessary chores done before that.

Anyways, crazy, busy day here! 😛


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  1. Kim says:

    So normal… Proves you are human! You are doing an amazing job!

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