You be the judge

But I really think I spent several hundred dollars for nothing. By the way, I just called AKC and there are no results yet. Unfortunately, DNA tests are not a quick thing. It takes time to process things and get results back.

But I want to show you something and let you be the judge.

These are five week old purebred Poodle puppies. Notice the very wavy hair on the legs, head, bridge of nose, etc. (Sorry the picture quality is not the best. And no, I am not choking the puppies). 😉


These six puppies are Allie’s other litter sired by Dickens, pictured also at five weeks of age. The same combo of parents that we think is our current litter.


These five pups (sorry the last picture is ginormous!) are Allie’s current litter at five weeks of age. We were trying to figure out by DNA testing if their daddy is Sundae (a Poodle), which would make them purebred Poodles or Dickens (a Cavalier) which would make them Cavapoos. And also full siblings to the above litter.

So, you tell me. Do we need to wait for DNA results or should we start matching puppies?!

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10 Responses to You be the judge

  1. Sylvia says:

    I have had both and I vote cavapoo, just dont have the same look as a pure poodle. Wider nose

  2. Amy says:

    I vote Cavapoos altho I am very new at this.

  3. jamachiaj says:

    😉 Your answer from AKC will be no of surprise to you. Try to not think of the DNA test as a waste of money, but as an investment – official validation of what you already know will be a reassuring and trusted confirmation for the adoptees.

  4. Megan says:

    Cavapoo all the way!!!

  5. Kim says:


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