Girls & boys, boys & girls

Some days photo shoots go crazy and nothing works out right. And then some days everything goes pretty good and we’re lucky enough to get some cute puppy pictures. Today was one of those days!

The puppies cooperated, the backdrop worked, the lighting was right and these kiddos are just at an adorable age!

Here’s some of my favorites <3


Mystery showing off her wavy, velvety ears <3


A Riddle (aka Dano) in a basket! <3


Puzzle, her eyes look like chocolate drops <3


Secret (aka Ollie) has a secret; she stepped in powdered sugar and got some on her nose too! (Love her white spots) <3


This guy (Baffle) was Mr. Model for his photo shoot today! <3

Then we had to take one of just the boys, of course. Riddle on the left Baffle on the right. <3

And can’t forget the darling girls! Mystery, Secret and Puzzle. <3

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