I like boys..

Our family consists of five people (well, six now that we added a daughter-in-law last year), but anyways the core family that we started with was five; myself, my husband and three sons. Yep, four male persons and little ol’ me, the only female. I don’t mind most of the time being the only girl. Raising boys has been a lot of fun!

I hope Rosie feels the same way. 😉

Yep, we have four boys and one girl in Rosie and Sundae’s premiere litter. And they’re beautiful! Well, I am the “grandma” so maybe I’m a little biased.

And since they were born on National Sibling Day, I’m thinking we should name them after a famous sibling group. 😀 (The Jackson 5 + a sister or the Osmonds). What do you all think?

Here they are this morning at the breakfast bar.


Rosie is being a great little mom, just like her mom. The babies are fat and gaining weight well. All of them were already around 9 ounces this morning!



Four of the puppies are marked like Blenheim Cavaliers and one boy looks like he is cream colored. I’m still trying to see if he has any blenheim/apricot spots anywhere. Their colors have darkened up since birth. The little girl is in the middle of the pile.

And now the puppy journey begins!

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