That’s not a dog!

I know, these are not dogs (although they are smaller than Ben or Moriah), but believe it or not, they do have something to do with the dogs.

Some of you might remember a post I did about a year ago about the pudding I make for my mamma  dogs. It’s a great supplement after they whelp and while nursing puppies. (Here’s the past post if anyone’s interested.

Anyways, it calls for fresh goat’s milk. And I was running all over the place last year buying it from different people that had it available.

Then I got this bright idea (my husband disagrees on the “bright” part). Why don’t I buy a couple of goats and we could have our own fresh goats milk?! Okay, I said “we”,  but I meant for the dogs. We are basically vegan eaters except we do eat our farm fresh eggs.

I probably should have just bought a goat or two that were already adults and producing milk, but I mean who could pass up a baby goat (or two)?!


They are Nigerian Dwarf goats (a small breed of dairy goats). Violet is the white and gray one, and Clover is the brown (technically called buckskin) one.


Can you tell which is the friendlier of the two? 😉


So they’re all grown up now and we had them bred a few months ago. Now we’re just anxiously awaiting the arrival or our first kids! And some fresh goats milk. 🙂

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  1. jamachiaj says:

    They’re adorable! How fun!

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