I get asked a lot

“Is it hard for you to give the puppies up?”

You know I do get attached to the little fur balls; some more than others. And of course, those that stay for an extended period of time or had to have extra care as a newborn; I’m even more attached to.

I love seeing a new litter of puppies and what that particular set of parents produce; colors, markings, genders.

I love when the puppies eyes start to open.

I love puppy breath!

I love when they hit about three weeks of age and start toddling around on shaky legs.

I love watching them grow, play and explore.

I love the five-week-old cuteness stage. I can usually get cute pictures because they will actually hold still. 😉

I love when they get six, seven and eight weeks old and they’re growling, wrestling and exploring and learning more.

But, I think, that my absolute favorite part, is handing that puppy off to their new family. <3

Most have waited months for that special puppy. Then they’re finally matched with just the right one, and they wait a few more weeks. The anticipation and excitement is building. Everything is ready at home. And now it’s finally the big day! They actually get to pick up their little bundle of joy. 😀



Seriously, look at those smiles! You just can’t beat that moment.

Plus, have you ever lived with a whole litter of nine week old puppies? A pack of them are seriously getting noisy and messy by that time. 😛  Another reason why that’s my favorite part. 😉 hehe


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