I feel a bit like Santa

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but the night before Christmas always seems busy with last minute things to accomplish after the kids get tucked in bed.

Well, I’m feeling a bit that way tonight. The puppies and I had a fun afternoon romping outside. Of course not Faith’s pups, they peacefully slept the day away in between meals. But Jule’s babies took their first big adventure outdoors into the garden without mom. They were a little apprehensive at first when I opened the crate door and the surroundings were unfamiliar. But in no time they were running, playing and totally loving the adventure. Then it was playtime with Rosie’s kids in the big back yard. They need a bit more space to run, plus I didn’t want them eating my tomato plants in the garden. 😉  They ran, and played, and wrestled and dug and just had a grand time in the fresh air! And now they’re all tucked in bed for the night.

But my night has just begun. You see, Rosie’s puppies start going home tomorrow! (I know, I can’t believe it either.) So I’ll be up late getting the “going home” packets ready so we can leave fairly early tomorrow morning. You’d think I would get some of this stuff done way ahead of time (like making those baby blankets…oops!). But I guess this day just sneaked up on me too fast!

So tomorrow we’ll say farewell to Donny, Jay and Alan. Wayne will be leaving a bit later in the week, and Marie’s family had a vacation already planned so she will be enrolled in our Progressive Puppy Program until they return.

But I won’t have time to miss them with Jules’ pups growing up so fast and Faith’s just a few weeks behind that batch.

But wait, there’s more! I already mentioned we have a litter of Poodles due very soon, but what I haven’t shared to everyone yet, is that we have another litter of Cavapoos due in the next couple weeks.

Well, “Santa” has to get back to work. I have “toys” to finish and cheer to start handing out tomorrow! 😀

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