A quilting bee?

I love driving to Spokane to shop especially in the winter time (said with much sarcasm😩); a twelve hour day (thankfully the roads were good). Then come home to chores and unloading the truck. Only to find out the dogs had a party while I was gone!🐩🎈🎉🎊🐶Seriously if I wasn’t so tired, I would’ve gone for my camera and taken pictures. Two kennel gates didn’t get latched so a bunch of the girls had a “girls day out”😜 They pulled every single blanket out of the two bottom rows of dog crates (the dogs get fed and sleep in their crates at night); n.i.n.e.b.l.a.n.k.e.t.s….

Jasper and Hazel had pulled one into their pen, but the other eight blankets were artfully arranged on the floor in front of the crates. Someone is super talented because the blankets were all touching like a big patchwork quilt😮

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