That wore me out

Sunday when I was doing chores, I noticed one our our cats squatting around the yard several times going to the bathroom. After the third time in about a fifteen minute span, I started to worry. After working for a vet for several years (years ago) I knew that male cats can have urinary problems; the worst being a blockage. I stood and waited for him to move from his spot, and when he did noticed that he had gone, but that there was definitely blood in it. I contacted my vet to let her know that he needed to see her the next day. She already had surgeries scheduled for the morning, so asked if I could just drop him off. (*Thankfully, it ended up just being a UTI and not a blockage!) 😀

Monday morning came and thankfully he showed up at the house when it was chore time. He and our other cat are outdoor, barn kitties. I grabbed him and stuck him in a dog crate so he wouldn’t disappear when it was time to go to the vet. He was thrilled of course…. NOT!

My outdoor chores take about an hour each morning, then it was time to go inside to finish taking care of the moms and puppies,  and clean myself up before I could think about heading to town.

I figured this was a good opportunity to take Cubbie along too. So besides getting the cat in a crate, fixing a crate (with toys of course) for Cubbie, feeding Hope and preparing her “baby” bag, letting moms out to potty one last time and filling the wood stove with wood (our house is heated primarily with a wood stove), our eclectic group set out for town.

I’ve mentioned this many times, but for those who don’t know, we pass through one small town (about a half hour drive; in good weather) before we get to our main, big town (where we do most of our shopping, banking and where my husband works, (about a forty-five minute drive from home), then it’s an additional twenty to twenty-five minutes to the next town where my vet resides. Sorry, for the long explanation. Just wanted you to get an idea of the process and why “town day” takes up so much time. Oh, and add onto that time when it’s winter and the roads are snowy/icy.

So we made it, dropped the cat off, bought a new feeding tube for Hope, fed Hope then headed back to our main town. First off, stopped at my favorite feed/farm store where Cubbie got his first ride in a grocery cart, checked out some toys and got a cookie from the lady at the counter.

Then it was off to a second feed store (why can’t one store have all the feed I need to pick up?), where Cubbie made a new friend.

A quick stop at Wally World (I know some people despise the big WM), but it’s one of our main stores in town. There’s not a ton of options. Hope was snuggled in her insulated bag with a heating pad and Cubbie was content in his crate with a new bully stick, so I ran inside quickly to grab a couple items.

Then we headed home. Where after settling everyone in, I took a nap!

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  1. Paige says:

    Love that “toy section” shot. Reminded me of when my boys were little and we HAD to take them to see the toys before leaving the store.

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