Coming soon!

Yes, coming soon to a theater near you! Don’t miss this epic adventure/romance movie. Starring the beautiful temptress Pinewoods Wall Flower. Co-starring with the handsome leading man, Pinewoods Great Expectations!

This is bound to be a hit with some adventure; him chasing her through the streets of Pinewood dog yard, over the snow drifts, under the canopy, to the gate and back again! And romance; when they finally meet under the moonlight to consummate their love. (Parental discretion advised).

We expect a sequel or two, or three, or four or maybe even five; from this fine film. Some of the sequels might even be filmed in black and white and others in full color!

Stay tuned for the movie release date!


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4 Responses to Coming soon!

  1. Paige says:

    Oh! Exciting! Maybe we’ll get some black and white babies!

  2. Dee says:

    YAY! Anticipated release date???

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