Syd agrees

Most of you know (if you’ve been following us for any length of time) that we (I should say “I”actually. ) have a parrot named Syd. Like most birds Syd can be very entertaining at times and he can be really annoying at others. You’ve probably heard him carrying on as the background noise in most of my puppy videos. I talk to him throughout the day and sometimes he talks back. Other times he just does his own thing. His cage is usually parked right in the middle of the living room so he can get out without chewing up things that are nearby.

One of my never ending  duties throughout the day is scooping poop from the puppies’ litter box. Their pen is right in our main living area, so it’s imperative that I keep things picked up.

So this afternoon I was coming out of my bedroom after getting a shower, (Yes, it was afternoon before I finally took a shower. But hey, I work from home! And I was up on and off through the night so I wasn’t real ambitious today. 😉) the horrible odor hit my nasal passages; poop! Someone had obviously made a deposit in the litter box.

I said, “Poop! I smell poop! Do you smell poop, Syd”? And his instant response was, “Yeah!”

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  1. Dee says:

    YEAH! That’s awesome. 🤣 Syd is a gorgeous bird. What color is he considered? He appears gray/blue on my screen.

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