This girl

After I lost my Poodle, Pooh, I never imagined I’d get attached to another one like I was to him. And then Reba came along. I think the feeling is mutual.

I let her out in the back yard with the other girls to go potty before I headed off to town with the babies. In the meantime I started my truck to warm it up, left the door open and went to get the babies and let the girls back in. All the moms came in, but Reba was missing from the back yard. Yep, she’s my fence climber.

So I put the puppies in a crate, carry them out to the truck and I’m calling Reba as I head out the door. “Reba! Reba!” Where did that dog go?

And then I walked around the driver’s side of the truck to load the babies…..

And found this! (Notice she’s avoiding eye contact? That makes her invisible to me😜)

She wants to be with me always. I guess she thought if she was loaded up in the truck, she’d get to go too. Sorry, Reba, it’s going to be warm today and you’re in season; gotta stay home this time.

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