Most of you know I name my puppies and introduce them in individual pictures at three weeks of age. I love names and have fun coming up with different themes, characters or something that goes along with the day, time, colors or something for each litter.

Sometimes it’s really easy and other times a bit more challenging.

Well, when we had two litters arrive on April 20th I knew one of them had to be a tribute to a special friend who shared the same birthday. Well, not really a friend, more like family member.

Did you ever have a family when you were a kid, that you spent so much time at their house, that they became your second family? Well, I did.

When I was about twelve I bought my first pony. I lived in town and so had to find a place to board it. A friend of mine who fueled the fire for my first equine, knew some people that lived next door to where she kept her pony. They also had a daughter about the same age as myself and my other friend. And that’s how it all started.

And when you spend more time at their house than your own through your adolescent years, they become family.  (I’m sure there were times they must have gotten tired of me, but I just wouldn’t leave! 😉 And the relationship has continued over the years; through high school, married life, kids, moving away and life.

Last year we lost that special father figure. So in his memory, I named Allie’s babies after things that are associated with him.

We miss you M.A.B. <3

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