Delivery Day

Just a friendly reminder to everyone on the list…this is from my “Getting a Puppy” page which everyone should’ve read in the application process, but may have forgotten.

“As a courtesy we will set up a delivery day to Spokane when the litter is around nine weeks of age and meet everyone that has been matched with a puppy from that current litter. It is a big process for us to get several puppies ready, leave early in the morning and drive two plus hours to Spokane. Please plan accordingly so we can make the delivery day run smoothly for everyone. If you can’t make that day work, you are welcome to drive to our home to pick up your puppy.

As you can imagine, planning three delivery days three Sunday’s in a row is going to be a big job. I won’t be able to make any extra trips for individual pups that cannot be picked up on their scheduled day.

Thank you!

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2 Responses to Delivery Day

  1. Mary EDWARDS says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! If we need to meet you in Spokane, will you let us know a time? (A friend is helping us drive, but we are thinking of coming to your farm so that we can see where she’s been.) My best, Mary


    • Mary, you are welcome to meet in Spokane on the July 2 delivery day like we’ve discussed or come here to pick her up. We just need to decide which one you’re doing before it gets to delivery time. Thanks:)

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