Puppy Updates

I apologize, I’ve been so busy with the day to day routine of puppy raising that I haven’t been very good about blog updates. So here ya go!

The puppies (Rosie’s, Allie’s, Jules’ & Treasure’s) are all doing great! They are growing and learning and becoming more and more little individuals.

Rosie’s pups are quite at the adventurous stage and enjoying their playtime. I think today I will take them outside for the first time.

Allie’s pups are just little wiggly worms, tails wagging and right in my face when I open their puppy pen door, or on my lap if I’m on the floor with them. They are starting to explore more also.

Jules’ babies are more low key like their mom and have just now started to get to the wiggle-waggle stage and think about starting to explore. It’s funny how puppies the same age (Jules’ and Allie’s) can be at different stages in development.

And Treasure’s babies are doing great too. For their age, they are very outgoing and brave. But Treasure is very outgoing and “in your face” friendly too.

Different ages, different stages, but all doing well and progressing nicely.

We have just this morning matched the last of the apricot/red puppies and a couple of the blenheims.

I’d like to get the remainder of the Rosie puppies matched as soon as possible since they’ll be going home in just three weeks! Then I will work on Treasure’s pups as they will be a bit older and more likely be showing more individuality.

I’ll be getting new puppy pictures of Treasure’s crew up today. I have lots of videos to share, but unfortunately my internet isn’t cooperating as well as I’d like it too. It takes a long time to upload one short video, but I will keep on keeping on so you can enjoy the fun!

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Eleda/adele says:

    Going potty all at the same time makes for a great day; yeah Sweeties!

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