A friendly reminder for those on our list

As you can imagine this can be quite a daunting task helping twenty-one families find the right puppy for themselves. And then coordinating with those same families for our delivery days!

I just want to share this again from our “Getting a Puppy” page, that most all of you probably read through when you were checking into getting a puppy, but may have forgotten.

“As a courtesy we will set up a delivery day to Spokane when the litter is around nine weeks of age and meet everyone that has been matched with a puppy from that current litter. It is a big process for us to get several puppies ready, leave early in the morning and drive two plus hours to Spokane. Please plan accordingly so we can make the delivery day run smoothly for everyone. If you can’t make that day work, you are welcome to drive to our home to pick up your puppy. We want your puppy home with you and bonding and as soon as it’s ready. We will keep your puppy up until it is ten weeks of age at no additional cost. (Please check with us first, before assuming we can do this for your puppy). After ten weeks puppies will automatically be entered into our Progressive Puppy Program and charged accordingly for training. Please see our Progressive Puppy page for more info.

The balance can be paid at the time you pick up your puppy either with cash or a personal check. “

Unfortunately, I can not make several more trips to Spokane for individual families that cannot make our scheduled delivery days.  That’s a half a day away from home for me, per trip. And I can’t be away from home that much and still take care of things here. Plus we might be having a litter or two around that time and I need to stick close to home as much as possible.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding in this process! I appreciate each one of you! ❤

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2 Responses to A friendly reminder for those on our list

  1. Mary EDWARDS says:

    Hi Jennifer–Can we plan to pick up Dosey/Marcia in Spokane on July 2? If so, what time and where? Thanks! Mary



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