It’s Monday!

Just checking in after a busy, relaxing (can I use both those verbs in one sentence?), fun, wonderful weekend with family and friends that were visiting. Now back to my regular routine.

So little Miss Treasure’s babies are seven weeks old today! What?! Where did the time go. :O And just yesterday, one of our visitors mentioned next weekend was Father’s Day. Huh?! I thought I still had two weeks before Rosie’s pups were going home. But that’s less than a week away!

So today will be picture day for the Treasure litter, I’ll weigh them, and give them another dose of de-wormer. Actually all the puppies will be weighed today and given some de-wormer. (Since they’re at different ages, they’re all at different stages and types. We actually use three different medicines to give a well-rounded coverage for any puppy parasites. And then have our vet check a stool sample to make sure they are clear).

They’ve all had breakfast and I have Rosie’s pups outside for some sun and fun. The kitchen is fixed up for Allie and Jules’ pups. And then I expanded Hope’s pen in the dining area for Treasure’s puppies to have some play time. There are puppies everywhere! (I just said to my husband last night, “Remind me not to do this again”. (breeding four girls so close together).

We’ll be doing some other training with them today too. Starting some clicker training with the three younger litters. And continuing with more clicker on Rosie’s and some other things I want to work on before they start heading home.

Rosie’s puppies have now had their first puppy shot (and did super!). They will be going in for their veterinarian exam later this week. Can’t believe they’re nine weeks old on Wednesday!

Jules’ and Allie’s pups will be turning eight weeks old on Thursday and getting their first shot too.

It’s a very busy time. As the puppies get older, there is more to do. I have to start making baby blankets, putting together puppy packets and finish making arrangements with all of our adopters for delivery day(s). And finish matching that last puppy of Treasure’s.

So, off I go! Have a great day everyone!




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